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About Video Doorbell Installation and Setup Services in Newmarket

When it come to video doorbell then it becomes very important to know details about it's installation. So, here is the detailed guide for you to understand the video doorbell installation. No matter you choose, DIY or professional installation, this is going to help you to understand both in advance.

Video Doorbell Installation and Setup - Materials Needed:

  1. Video doorbell
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Drill (if required)
  4. Level
  5. Smartphone or tablet
  6. Wi-Fi network with a strong signal near the installation location

What are the Steps to Install Video Doorbell?

Here are the video doorbell installation steps that are helpful for both DIY and professional installation:

  1. Prepare and Mount: Choose an optimal location near the front door with a clear view and a strong Wi-Fi signal. Power off the existing doorbell at the circuit breaker, carefully remove it, and install the provided mounting bracket using a level for proper alignment.

  2. Wiring and Attachment: If the video doorbell is hardwired, connect the existing doorbell wires to the video doorbell terminals. Securely attach the video doorbell to the mounting bracket following the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Power On and App Setup: Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker. Download the video doorbell app from the App Store or Google Play. Create an account or sign in, and follow the app instructions to connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi network.

  4. Configuration and Testing: Adjust doorbell settings in the app, including motion sensitivity and alerts. Test the system by pressing the doorbell button and triggering motion detection. Verify that you receive notifications on your mobile device.

  5. Optional Features: Set up cloud storage for footage review if the video doorbell supports it. Integrate the video doorbell with smart home devices if you have a smart home system. Ensure the video doorbell is securely mounted for tamper resistance.

What is the Cost and Time to Install Video Doorbell?

The cost and time to install video doorbell will depend on whether you choose DIY or professional for the installation. So, let's see both the scenarios:

DIY Installation Cost and Time:

The cost for DIY installation is generally limited to the purchase price of the video doorbell itself. Some models might include all necessary installation tools and materials.

And if you talk about the time, then in DIY installation it will take 1 to 2 hours. Apart from this, additional time may be required for downloading and setting up the mobile app, adjusting settings, and testing the system.

Professional Video Doorbell Installation and Setup Cost and Time:

On the other hand, if you choose professional installation then it will cost you between $100-$200. And the installation usually takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your setup

Factors Influencing Cost and Time for Installing A Video Doorbell:

  1. Wiring: If your video doorbell is hardwired, a professional may be needed for electrical work, increasing both cost and time.

  2. Mounting Surface: Different wall materials may require special tools or techniques, affecting installation time.

  3. Integration with Smart Home Systems: If you want seamless integration with existing smart home systems, a professional may be better equipped to handle the setup.

  4. Customization: Professionals can provide additional customization, such as optimizing motion detection settings for your specific environment.

Popular Brands: Ring and Arlo Video Doorbell

1. Ring Doorbell:

Ring offers a user-friendly installation process with detailed instructions in the app. The Ring app also provides advanced customization options for motion detection and alerts. Above this, cloud storage plans are available for storing recorded footage are also available if you buy ring doorbells.

2. Arlo Doorbell:

Arlo doorbells are known for their wireless design, making installation simpler. The brand provides a comprehensive mobile app for easy setup and management. And if you integrate Arlo doorbells with other Arlo devices then it enhances then overall security of your home.

Video Doorbell Installation and Setup

Using the above details you can now plan your budget and decide whether you want to go for DIY or professional installation. So, read each point and try to understand it thoroughly. If you have any doubt beyond this, you can discuss that with the professional.

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