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Basement Drawings Include

  • Site Plan
  • Existing Floor Plans
  • Proposed Floor Plans
  • Emergency Exit Design
  • Fire Seperation Design
  • Carbon Monxide & Smoke Alarm Placement
  • Below Grade Entrance
  • Above Grade Side Entrance
  • Egress Window

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Below Grade Side Entrance

Contractors are specialized in constructing below grade basement entrances with affordable prices! They provide separate entrance design, permit and inspection services. Contractors will help you in getting the permit from the city and we also deal with all the city inspections. They assist clients by providing competitive pricing, expert advice and a flawless process. Our services are formulated to meet your budget and aesthetic replacement and installation requirements for below grade entrance doors.


Egress Window

Every day we got several leads from people wanting to make their basement windows larger. Sometimes it’s because they need to meet the specifications of the EGRESS code and sometimes it’s just for more light and or ventilation and it often involves cutting concrete. Contractors will precisely dig and take out your existing window. After that, they would make the magic work and install the new slider lift out. Contractors, then, fill the remaining gap with the fillings and would work the way up to give it a finished look. Our basement window enlargement contractors provide the best possible transparent pricing, 100% customer satisfaction, free estimates for all window enlargements related services in the GTA.

Door Cutting

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Basement Renovation Services

  • Basement Bathroom
  • Basement Renovation
  • Basement Bedroom
  • Basement Theatre
  • Basement Kitchen
  • Basement Gym
  • Basement Fireplace
  • Basement Bar
  • Game Room
  • Workshop
  • Sewing or Craft Room
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Mud Room
  • High-Tech Laundry Room
  • Man Cave
  • Library Or Lounge
  • Family Room
  • Wine Cellar Room
  • Home Office
  • Art or Music Studio